Canadian photographer R. John Knight shares the stories behind some of his nature and wildlife images

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

A Cymbidium Orchid from the Easter Bunny?

There's never a better time to experiment with macro-photography than when fresh flowers arrive in your home; in this case, a spectacular Cymbidium Orchid from the Easter Bunny!

The orchid stem; 1/25 sec, f11
The following shots were taken using a range of f-stops to vary the different depth-of-field, selective focusing and focus stacking, and achieve different results.

1/50 sec, f11; focus stacked
1/30 sec, f11
1/30 sec, f11

1/15 sec, f8; focus stacked


  1. Gorgeous! Great work, John. Nice to see such a wide variety of work...

  2. Thanks Jason. It's hard not to try photographing something as beautiful as an orchid. Irises and orchids are my favorite flowers.


  3. Oh, wow!!! I absolutely love the detail of an orchid! You have captured such detail John, and who would have ever thought to look at it from the side?! Or even the top down? I received an orchid just this week, and enjoy it every time I walk by! Now I will look at it differently. Thanks for sharing these shots!