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Monday, November 28, 2011

Icebergs In August, Newfoundland

During our visit to Newfoundland last summer, we traveled up the Great Northern Peninsula to St. Anthony, Goose Cove, St. Lunaire, Griquet, Gunner's Cove and Quirpon.  The icebergs were late coming south this year.  The locals could not remember seeing such large icebergs during August before.  When we reached St. Anthony, there were large icebergs grounded in many coves and visible on the distant horizon. 

Grounded Icebergs, St. Anthony Bight, NL
Goose Cove, NL
Many of the icebergs were apparently remnants of the Petermann Ice Shelf which had broken off from a glacier in the northwest part of Greenland during early August, 2010.  The largest of these was about 55 square kilometres in size; too big to photograph.  It had taken a year following the counter-clockwise movement of the currents in Baffin Bay to drift ~4800 kms south to the shores of Newfoundland.   According to the news media and NASA, portions of the ice shelf survived until early October 2012 when it eventually grounded northeast of the Horse Islands (northeast of the Baie Verte Peninsula, NL) and broke apart.

Remnants of Petermann Ice Shelf, Goose Cove, NL
Icebergs, Goose Cove, NL

Even under overcast and drizzly skies, the icebergs were impressive.  

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  1. I've always wanted to see the icebergs in Newfoundland, the time we went was in September; the icebergs must have been "hiding" or we just didn't go to where they "hibernate". Thank you for the amazing shots. We especially like the shots of the iceberg mimiking the boats in the harbour. Kerry & Teresa