Canadian photographer R. John Knight shares the stories behind some of his nature and wildlife images

Thursday, February 17, 2011

New Slideshow Images and Galleries

This Blog is to let you know that I’ve put some new images on my website.  Clicking on the caption beneath each image will take you to the slide show or gallery.

NEW SLIDE SHOW – a selection of wildlife images from 2010 
Big Horn Sheep, Jasper NP

1.  Bugaboos (CMH)
Bugaboo Mountains, BC
 2.  Storm Waves and Beach Scenes, Pacific Rim NP
Storm Waves, Pacific Rim, BC
Stay tuned for more new galleries that are in preparation:

     - Wildlife from the Channels near Port McNeill & Robson Bight, BC
    - Jasper NP Wildlife in the Fall
    - Early Winter Ice and Sunrises, Canadian Rockies

All the best,



  1. Welcome back, John. I like your new format, I totally enjoyed looking at every photo; I particularly like the Lynx and snowy owl, and the different images on the sands. I'll ask Kerry to see them, too. Thanks for sharing, looking forward for more. Teresa

  2. John, these are simply amazing - almost surreal. I love all the textures and repeating lines and shapes in the big horn sheep.